Beginners Firearm Course

The “Come to You” experience is the main selling point for any of the training courses that I provide. The length all depends on the request. The minimum space needed is 21 ft or 7 yards which can be either indoors or outdoors (i.e. basement / garage, or your backyard) The courses are meant for ages 10+ except the HQL which is for 21+.

What the training entails is that I utilize my Beretta 92 FS (for now) that has a different barrel that will only fire UTM ammunition. Now UTM ammunition is a non-lethal plastic or aluminum backed wax ball that is fired and doesn’t use gunpowder. This ammunition is utilized by military and law enforcement agencies for force on force training; meaning, they shoot each other for realistic training scenarios. In my training we WILL NOT shoot at another person, we will only be shooting at cardboard / paper targets for basic shooting fundamentals. To get a better understanding go to and watch the videos and media.