What is the best Annapolis handgun course to take for a beginner?

What is the best Annapolis handgun course to take for a beginner?

Whether you’re already a gun owner, thinking about purchasing a firearm or just want to be prepared, taking a basic firearm safety course can benefit almost everyone. ProTrain Firearms is proud to offer a variety of handgun safety courses in Annapolis for anyone interested in learning how to handle, store and operate a firearm.

Handgun Qualification License (HQL) Course

The HQL Course is a 4-hour, one time mandatory training for everyone who wants to purchase a firearm in the state of Maryland and doesn’t have prior shooting experience. For example, military, law enforcement or a current regulated firearm owner would be exempt from this course.

Home Safety Course

Our Home Safety Course is a training opportunity for the whole family to gain a basic understanding of firearms and how to properly handle and secure them within the home.

“Come to You” Firearms Training Course

This highly-individualized course takes place in your home and trains you how to respond properly with your firearm incase of a threatening situation. A minimum of 21 feet or 7 yards of space (Can be within the home, in the garage, yard, etc.) are needed and all participants must be at least 10 years old.


Why is it Important to take a handgun safety course?

Can you imagine buying and attempting to operate a car without ever being taught how to drive? Probably not. Firearms, similar to motor vehicles, require training to learn how to properly store, carry and use them while keeping everyone safe and avoiding accidents. A handgun safety course not only teaches people how to handle guns in threatening situations, they also walk participants through the legalities of carrying a concealed weapon.


Who should take a handgun safety course?

The short answer is: Anyone! Of course, those who already own a gun or are interested in purchasing one in the near future should take a handgun safety course to learn how to operate their machine. However, even people who don’t currently have their own firearm could benefit from knowing how to hold and operate one in the case they may have to. The course would be especially useful to those who have a gun in their home, even if it is not theirs, as well as those who may have to operate a firearm in a rare case scenario, such as those who work in a building where people carry guns. 


What is the best course for someone to take who is completely new to firearms?

Any of the NRA basic courses would be the best place to start. They are simple, yet in-depth, courses, that are offered both online and in a hybrid format. At ProTrain Firearms, we offer the in-person portion of this hybrid course.


Why are many people afraid to handle a gun? Does taking a course help alleviate that fear?

While it’s completely rational to have a fear of guns, the hesitation to handle one often comes from a lack of education around how to handle firearms. Guns have forever been portrayed as “killing machines” and while this can be a difficult line to dance politically, much of this undoubtedly comes from not understanding the gun themselves. Much of the population has only ever been exposed to guns on television or in movies, where no factual information is presented and the gun is almost always associated with the “bad guy”. So, while we can understand where the fear comes from, taking a basic firearm safety course will familiarize people with firearms, understand how to properly carry, store and use them and, ultimately, help to alleviate some of that fear. 


Are there any age restrictions on who can receive firearms instruction?

In the state of Maryland, the only age restriction is for the MD HQL or the MD Concealed Carry course. Participants for both courses must be at least 21-years old.


Are you interested in learning more, have questions or ready to sign up for a course? Contact us today to find out more about our courses and to register.


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