What are the best women’s firearms safety courses near Annapolis?

What are the best women’s firearms safety courses near Annapolis?

If you’ve been considering purchasing a gun, you’re not alone. The firearms business has skyrocketed since the coronavirus pandemic began, with gun sales up 65% in 2020 compared to the previous year, according to a survey conducted by Northeastern University and Harvard Injury Control Research Center. A separate survey done in 2020 by the National Shooting Sports Foundation found that around 40% of sales were to first-time gun owners and, of that, 40% were women. With more women in the United States owning a gun, it’s crucial that firearms safety courses match this demand by offering adequate training specific to women. That’s why the experts at ProTrain Firearms have come together to answer your questions about women’s firearms safety courses near Annapolis MD.


Why is it important that women know how to properly handle firearms?

We unfortunately live in a world where women need to take extra precaution to protect themselves. Especially women who are single mothers, live alone or travel through dangerous areas, having a gun on-hand that you know how to use could be the difference between being able to defend yourself or not. The female-only shooter club, A Girl & A Gun, conducted a survey in July 2020 of over 6,000 members and found that 43% of women joined to practice self-defense skills. Carrying a weapon and knowing that you have the training to protect yourself if need be allows women to move through their lives with peace of mind.


What is the best course for a woman completely new to firearms?

Any of the NRA Basic courses are the best place to begin. They are simple, yet go in-depth about everything someone who owns or operates a firearm needs to know. They offer an online and in-person hybrid course that we offer at ProTrain Firearms.


What are the best gun safety courses for women?

HQL Course

This is a one-time course required for everyone who wants to carry a firearm in the state of Maryland and doesn’t have any prior experience. The course takes 4 hours total and costs $285 per person.

Home Firearms Safety Course

This is a non-shooting course that goes through the basic knowledge and skills around carrying a gun important for the whole family. The course also discusses tips regarding safe handling and storage of a firearm and ammunition in the home. The course has a one-time fee of $45 per person and requires that all participants be 10+ years old.

“Come to You” In-Home Training

This fully-personalized course takes place in the comfort of your own property and focuses on how to both legally and safely work with your firearm in your home. Length of class and prices vary depending on request.


Does ProTrain Firearms offer a course specific to women learning firearms safety?

While we do not offer a women-specific course at this time, all of our courses contain valuable knowledge that addresses the fundamentals of gun safety. In the future, ProTrain will offer a course specific to women carrying firearms, which will include self-defense and information on concealed carrying.


When it comes to women’s firearms safety courses in Annapolis, ProTrain Firearms offers the most comprehensive and accessible trainings in the area. If you’re ready to dive in and learn more about how to handle your own firearm, book your class now or submit a question and one of our gun safety experts will be in touch soon.


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